Field Trip – San Francisco Bay

The Cañada College Organismal Biology class took a field trip out into the waters of the San Francisco Bay on the Marine Science Institute’s research vessel. Here are three short video clips I took of the afternoon out on the bay!

Clip 1 – Shot from the port side of the bow, while heading south from Redwood City to the Dumbarton Bridge. The East Bay is visible at the beginning of the video, followed by the Dumbarton:

Clip 2 – Shot from the stern, facing north, while traveling south from Redwood City to the Dumbarton Bridge. The San Mateo Bridge becomes visible at 0:06.

Clip 3 – Shot from the stern as instructors pull a net with trawled specimens aboard.


Photos from the 1 October 2015 Renters’ Rights Rally in Redwood City

image image

Redwood City residents who are struggling to pay their rent, who are struggling to retain employees as they take off for places with far less ridiculous costs of living, and who are under threat of eviction are coming together to rally for their homes, for their lives, and for their livelihoods every Thursday afternoon in downtown Redwood City (5:30pm at the Jefferson Avenue and El Camino Real intersection). Many supporters are joining them, mostly from the faith community through the San Francisco Organizing Project and Peninsula Interfaith Action (SFOP/PIA).

image image

One of the key organizers of these rallies is Diana Reddy, a Redwood City resident who kicked off the city’s Housing and Human Concerns Committee (HHCC) by the city council, despite her commitment to fair housing issues and renters’ rights.

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From Redwood City’s own website, these are the stated Areas of Responsibilities for members of the HHCC, all of which Diana adhered to far more visibly than any other member of the HHCC:

  • Monitor changing social needs within the community and make recommendations for improved, changed and/or new services.
  • Promote community awareness of social problems existing within Redwood City.
  • Coordinate human service activities within the community.
  • Promote adequate housing for all persons.
  • Advocate housing selection by location, type, price, and tenure, and a free choice of housing for all citizens.
  • Monitor and recommend changes, when necessary, in the housing element and the human services element of the General Plan.
  • Develop and recommend community development block grant programs and strategies. Serve as the citizen participation vehicle for the Community Development Block Grant Program Application Process and Human Services Financial Assistance Funds Consolidated Plan to assure citizen input in the determination of use of those funds.

image image

What is the commitment of the city council to fair housing and renters’ concerns if one of the most visible advocates on those issues is removed from her position for simply doing her job?

Redwood City for Renters’ Rights rallies every Thursday at 5:30pm, in downtown Redwood City at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and El Camino Real.